• Commercial Security

  • On evenings and weekends nobody is there to protect you business. This is your livelihood. Imagine going to work one morning only to find that someone broke in and stole the tools and equipment that you use on a daily basis to provide for your family. Or worse, a fire started and destroyed everything. Not only does this effect you but also your employees.

    An alarm system can look after this for you. With the push of a button you know when you leave at the end of the day that your possessions are being looked after. With a combination of door contacts, motion sensors, glass sensors, smoke detectors and heat detectors your building will be protected.

    We have the ability, with Power G, to connect multiple buildings to one system. This means your out buildings, Sea cans, and storage sheds can be protected as well.

    Alarm systems can do much more. How about getting notified when staff opened or closed up the business for the day. A panic button for you or your staff for when they are alone.

    Our systems are monitored 24/7 by Securtek Monitoring Solutions and send regular test signals to confirm that they are working.

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